How to Get 4000hrs Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers In a Week

How to Get 4000 hours Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers In a Week?

YouTube has Recently changed the partner’s program policy for New Creators as well as old creators. Now Content Creators On Youtube needs 4000hrs Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers for enabling Monetization on their videos.

It’s not too difficult to get 4000hrs Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers. Just read it till the end and You will definitely get your answer “How to Do It”.

If you are a New creator or willing to create a New channel to Earn from Youtube, You must be worried about this New policy from Youtube.

Well, This is not as tough as You think.

Here we will be discussing the best possible way to complete 4000 hours of watch time on youtube with 1000+ subscribers.

YouTube has declared changes to its adaptation program, telling substance makers with little channels that they’ll never again have the capacity to adapt unless they can develop their endorser base to over 4000hrs Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers in the previous a year.

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What was the announcement made by Youtube?

Youtube on January 17th, Announced the New Youtube Partner Program Policy. This was because of spammers, impersonators, and other bad actors. Youtube has to protect its ecosystem for Advertisers and their Creators.

Back in April of 2017, Youtube announced the eligibility requirement of 10,000-lifetime views.

According to the new policy, Now Creators need minimum 4000hrs watch time and 1000 subscribers in past 12 months. This is not over yet After that creator has to submit their channel for review.

For existing creators who didn’t meet this limit:- Means for those channels which are exceptionally old and don’t have 1000+ subscribers and that 4000 hours of watch time, they got an effortlessness time of 30 days and the last date they declared for them is “20 February”. If they didn’t meet the edge and satisfy necessities, at that point tragically They will Disable your Monetization.

Users are getting these type of messages From YouTube.

Account status: Monetization not enabled you can apply for monetization at any time. To be approved, All channels need at least 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. This requirement allows us to properly evaluate new channels and helps protect the creator community.

Tips to Get 4000hrs Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers In a Week

Firstly you have decided Your Niche, Choose the category that best suits You if you are New Creator.

Well, If you are still confused that on which category or niche you should choose to move further, then here, I will provide you some niche and category in which you can gain 1000 subscribers in a week or a month and 4000 hours of watch time if you work hard:-

  • Comedy Niche – Vines and Roasting category
  • Entertainment niche – Movie Reviews, Songs channel, and Entertainment News
  • Vlogs – Moto Vlog
  • Tech Niche – Reviews, Tips and Tricks, leaks and rumors and Tech News

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1) Keyword research:

The best place to start performing keyword research is within YouTube itself.

When you type in search terms related to your niche, you’ll receive a selection of suggested results. This feature was designed to help users find content which relates to their interests, but it can also be leveraged by marketers as a keyword research device.

You can also use AdWords Keyword Planner, Its a free tool from Google.

After Researching Your Keyword, You have to use those keywords in your video content for at least 4, 5 times. Also, use those keywords in your Video Title, Description and In tags.

2) Create a great Content and use relevant thumbnail:

Try to put all your effort to make good content. If your content is rich and attractive you will automatically get watch time, views and subscribers. You have to try to engage your audience/viewers to watch your video until the end. Add proper, relevant, high quality and attractive thumbnail to your video. Thumbnail plays an important role to attract viewers, So it should be of high quality.

If your content is not good you may get views, But you will now get watch time. As viewers will move to others video in 20 to 30 sec. So this is very important to make a good video. After all “Content is the King“.

3) Make longer videos:

This is one of the main things all creators must have to try.

Let me Explain “How This is very Important for 4000hrs Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers?”

We need 4000 hours of watch time.

4000 hours = 240,000 mins

Now, Suppose We make a video of Length 10 mins, So how much views we need to reach 240000 mins

We Need just 24 thousand Views but Generally, this not happens.

If You make a video of 10 mins, Not all of the viewers watch it for 10 mins, Some will watch till the end or some will watch it for 5 mins or something like same.

So, Let’s Consider average watch time of 4 mins of 10 mins video.

Now, You will need at least 60k views, In this case, to reach 4000-hours of watch time.

If you make a shorter video You will get less average watch time, Then You will need more number of views. So its very important to make a good quality longer video.

4) Arrange Videos in Playlist:

Playlists add an additional layer of signals to your video. For each video, I would strongly suggest you create a new playlist using synonym keywords.

This will help You a lot to gain views. Suppose You have added 5 videos to Playlist, When user watch a complete video from that playlist Youtube will automatically start playing your next video from that playlist.

5) Dress Up Your Channel Properly:

When I see a YouTube channel without a profile picture/Channel logo, header image, Descriptions and links it looks like spam — YouTube also sees it in the same way. Dressing Up your channel properly will retain the attention of your viewers and it will also help you to gain subscribers.

There are 4 sections you have to round out:

  • Add links to the majority of your online networking pages and site.
  • Include channel pictures.
  • Subscribe to similar channels.
  • Include a long depiction; make a point to include a huge amount of equivalent word catchphrases.

6) Use of Social Media/Email:

Social Media is a great way to get more views and subscribers for your YouTube channel. You can share your videos on social media and via Email. This will really help you to gain some subscribers and watch time.

Here is the list of Best Social Sits You should definitely use:

7) Try Mixing up the category :

You have a new Youtube channel or Going to lose You monetization for your old channel in coming days due to New Youtube Policy, You can Mixup the category to Save your channel. Suppose You have a Tech channel that doesn’t mean you have to make only tech related videos. You can make Funny videos, Pranks, Reaction videos, Roasting or whatever you like. Youtube doesn’t restrict its creators to make videos on a particular category, It won’t violate the YouTube guideline.

How will this be Beneficial?

For New Youtubers, Its quite easy to Gain watch time on funny videos, Pranks or anything in this category. Whenever you research on youtube you will find that funny/Entertainment category videos get more views than the other category.

You can try making 4,5 videos or more in these categories until you reach this threshold. After that, you can continue with your original category on what you like or what you were making. Same way You will also get more than 1000 subscribers.

8) Collaborating with other content creators:

This is one of the Most Important things to Do, But this may not be possible for Every Creator.

If You know Any Old Creator/YouTuber who have a decent number of the subscriber or any Friend Creator with any number more then 10k, 100k subscribers, Then you can request them for collaboration or You can ask then to post your video link to their community tab.

This will really help you to get 4000hrs Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers.

Hope this article will help you to reach your threshold. If you still have any questions, Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Hi, does it have to be 4000 hours of watch time per video? For every video you post?

  2. Also, is it 1000 subscribers for every video? Or 1000 subscribers total over 12 months?

  3. It’s been 10 months and i have 1600 subscribers and about 3600 watch hours. I am hoping to cross the barrier this month. And YES, the things which you have mentioned are specifically the ones required. I am THE INDIAN NOMAD and i create travel vlogs in Hindi. Do visit me at

  4. Hi, I really appreciate your work that how you explain each step in detail with proper illustration. If you want to read some more information and tips & tricks and interested for getting more then visit this website for more great information…!!

  5. Yes I have reached the right blog and read the article and everything the writer has mentioned is obviously right. I create funny videos for my channel “CHULBULAY” (Kittenish Kids) and I am from Pakistan.

  6. If I’ve watch the one video full five times using one device or ip address, watch time will be counted five times as number of streaming or it will count as one streaming?

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