Flipkart Affiliate Program Capping limit | How to Join Flipkart Affiliate Program in 2019

Flipkart is one of the Largest E-commerce stores in India with a massive range of products and services across numerous categories like electronics, fashion, home decor, baby care, gaming, books, automobile, sports, and more. Flipkart runs its own affiliate program and It also offers high commission rate up to 10% to their affiliate partners.

Flipkart Affiliate Commission Rate:

Recently Flipkart has paused its affiliate program. When you visit the Flipkart Affiliate program site and try to signUp a new Account for the affiliate program You will see a message from a Flipkart.

We have currently paused new affiliate registrations w.e.f. 5th May 2018 until further notice while we work on developments and improvements to the FAP(Flipkart Affiliate Program) platform.
If you are an existing affiliate partner, you can continue promoting Flipkart URLs on your inventory as traffic, order & install attribution will be working as usual.

Flipkart hasn’t mentioned the date till when they the will resume the Affiliate partners program.

Above Message clearly says Flipkart has paused the Affiliate Program. If you already have the Flipkart affiliate program Account, You can continue promoting their products but Flipkart has also changed Some rules for their existing Affiliate Program members.

FAP (Flipkart Affiliate Program)

Starting from July 2018, Flipkart has changed its affiliate program Terms and conditions. Flipkart has introduced the New policy. Under this policy, Flipkart has set the capping limits to their affiliate Partners.

What Does Capping Limit mean?

Here Capping limits means, Affiliate Members can Now earn a fixed amount of money from Flipkart affiliate program.

Suppose You earn Approx 20k each month from Flipkart affiliate program. But for this month Flipkart has set the capping limit to 5k under New FAP policy. Now you will get paid maximum 5k for this month even if you have generated more commission than 5k. This capping limit will vary from month to month. Suppose for this month the capping limit is set to 5k then for the next month either it can be more or less.

Since Flipkart has stopped its own Affiliate program. “How do we still Join the program”?

Here Affiliate Networks Come into Play.

What is an Affiliate Networks?

An affiliate network acts as an intermediary between publishers (affiliates) and merchant affiliate programs. It allows website publishers to more easily find and participate in affiliate programs which are suitable for their website.

Your Affiliate Network will supply you with almost all the tools that you need to promote the merchant’s products or services. All you have to do is put links and banners on your blog or website where you want to promote their products or services. All The links and banners have tracking codes,  So if they are clicked or purchases are made You affiliate network will track it and you will get your commission. This comes directly from your affiliate network.

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Which is the best Affiliate Network for the Flipkart?

I would Personally recommend Cuelinks

Cuelinks is one of the best Affiliate networks that provides the technical and organizational tools to carry out advertising campaigns. Worldwide it has more than 1000’s of affiliate programs Available for their publishers and For India, it has more the 400 affiliate programs.

The best thing I Personally like about Cuelinks is its One Signup Feature. All you need to do is to signup for Cuelinks and you are ready to work with any of the Affiliate programs. There is no need of requesting every affiliate program for approval like other affiliate network does.

With Cuelinks, You can easily monetize your Website, Blog, and Android Apps.

Cuelinks Also have a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to use.

If You have any question or Suggestion regarding Flipkart Affiliate Program, Do Let me know in the comments below.

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